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  • Private Hire

    Private Hire / Corporate Events


    Hire a Comedian

    Hiring a comedian for your particular event can mean the difference between achieving just average results and enjoying a runaway success. Companies across the UK book Jongleurs’ comedians for many different occasions. Private hire can make award ceremonies more memorable, entertain staff and clients, make sure your new product is launched with a bang and raise or create more awareness of your brand – and that’s just the start!

    Whether you’re hosting an award ceremony, a charity auction, a product launch or another type of event, our comedians will make it even more memorable and successful.


    Of course, in order to be able to do this effectively you need to work with a comedian who is both talented and experienced. All of our comedians have at least ten years experience so you can be confident that your event will be a success.


    Also, because we have over 1800 comedians, each with an individual style, for you to choose from it means that we can identify the type of humour that is appropriate and conducive to achieving your goals.


    Corporate Events

    Treat your staff and clients to an unforgettable evening with a comedian who is exactly right for you and your audience.
    Given the opportunity, comedy can play a crucial part of any corporate event; we understand that you need us to do more than simply provide a great entertainer.


    When you involve Jongleurs, we listen to what you need. Whether it’s something designed to impress clients of employees, or perhaps you’re looking for a more intimate experience, we will put together a proposal tailored precisely to your vision and budget.


    This proposal can include anything from:

    • Videos of potential, first class comedians
    • A number of suitable venues
    • Catering staff
    • All the required equipment
    • Fully itemised menus
    • A number of possible music options

    Once we have tailored your fantastic evening, we then speak with someone in your company so that your comedian can write some material specifically for your staff. This means that not only is your show unique but is also relevant to all who enjoy it. That really is private hire!


    For a memorable and interactive night out that will leave your client and employees smiling for days, call us now on 08700 111 890.