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  • Christmas Parties

    Christmas Parties with Jongleurs


    Your Christmas parties should be memorable – for the right reasons!

    It’s an opportunity for your whole organisation to come together, celebrate the season and look forward to the coming year. Comedy can play an integral part in the celebration, with the ability to share some appropriate humour to make a great evening memorable.

    For larger companies we can provide a comedian solely for your entertainment. If you are a smaller business you can reserve tables for your staff at a group function. This means you get excellent value for your evening and a chance to mingle with others.


    You have probably already heard of a number of Jongleurs comedians. We’ve helped launch the careers of household names such as Harry Enfield, Eddie Izzard, Graham Norton and many, many more. Before you book, we’ll find out about your colleagues so that the right comedian can be recommended for your company. In doing this, it means that the jokes you’ll hear are ones that you will enjoy.


    For Christmas parties that your colleagues will enjoy, call us now on 08700 111 960!